2020 Hardwick Fair t-shirt design

Welcome to the 2020 edition of the Hardwick Community Fair.

While we will miss gathering together in fellowship and fun on the common this year, we hope that we can still showcase our town's agricultural heritage here.

Please browse the site and contribute entries to the Fair by clicking here and following the prompts.

How this site is organized

Collections are the heart of the virtual fair. Here you will find all your favorites: scarecrows, photography, domestic arts, fruits, vegetables, & herb, and more.

Exhibits are where you will find demonstrations and showcases of specific fair subjects, like 4-H animal husbandry, for example.

Take a look around! Comments are welcome!

And if you'd like a 2020 t-shirt to celebrate and support the Fair, they are available in both child and adult sizes! Masks with the logo can be found here.

Recently Added Items



Onions, Sara Doubleday



Tomatoes, Sara Doubleday

Grand peach pie


Grand peach pie, Sara Doubleday

10 cups of fresh local peaches tossed with lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and flour and baked golden brown.